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At Dynamic Network Systems (DNS) we offer a wide range of Services to support your business with software, hardware and special services.   

Customized Point of Sale (POS) Software to make your business efficient when interacting with the customer, ordering and inventory management.  We will customize the software to generate any reports needed.  It can also be customized to allow the client to edit certain screens. In addition to POS software, we can develop software to cater to any need.  With that, we also offer Mobile App development to enhance to capabilities of the software, or can make the Mobile App completely independent.
We also can customize websites giving clients’ their own unique site because we write the code. We don’t build a website from a canned program from the internet.  We can also host your website and email putting it all in one centralized location.

We supply the latest in POS hardware to optimize function.  With this purchase comes our personalized support through attentive customer service.  We can set up your network and provide the cybersecurity to protect it.

Special Services:
Credit Card Processing Support:  This is also known as Merchant Services.  We are partnered with industry leader Payware by Verifone through which we can do credit card processing and offer further piece of mind as your one stop shop for all your merchant needs.
PCI Compliance Testing:  If you are the keeper of the shopping cart on your website, you must be PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant.  Otherwise the liability belongs to you in the event of a security breach.  We can bring your business to 100% compliance thus giving you peace of mind that your customers’ data is secure.
CCTV Camera Installation & Support: Closed Circuit TV cameras are the best tool to keep your premises safe from employee theft or intruders wishing to cause personal property damage or personal injury to your employees.  We use only state of the art equipment and install the software needed to pull up your cameras and view them from anywhere.
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